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What is the concept ?

The overall concept of 7SHIELD is to provide to the European Ground Segment facilities a holistic framework enable to confront complex cyber and physical threats by covering all the macrostages of crisis management, namely pre-crisis, crisis and post-crises phases.

7SHIELD integrates a series of state-of-the-art technological achievements from multidisciplinary fields, namely:

  • Sensors technologies
  • IoT
  • Semantic reasoning
  • High-level analytics
  • Decision support systems
  • Crisis management
  • Situational awareness

All these technologies will focus on the protection of critical infrastructures such as ground segments of space systems.

The data obtained from 7SHIELD’ sensor networks and those from the existing infrastructure of the ground segments themselves will be processed by the innovative threat detection algorithms and high-level multimodal fusion techniques. By utilising bespoke visual analytics tools the outcome will be presented to operators via the 7SHIELD’s interactive User Interface.

Practitioners from security sector, first responders and utility providers will be enabled to employ the 7SHIELD’s Early Warning and Decision Support System, which also incorporates functionalities for monitoring hazardous circumstances.

7SHIELD will be deployed and tested across several locations, including Finland, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Belgium. This prolonged piloting and demonstration process will serve as means to test and refine the deployed approach, including the effectiveness of the innovative technologies, the robustness of the 7SHIELD platform and its modules, to ensure the interoperability of 7SHIELD across all ground segments and finally, to standardise the processes.