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Meteorological Institute


Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is mandated by the Finnish government to produce reliable information on the state of the atmosphere, and its characteristics and phenomena, with the aim of promoting safety and serving various needs of the public, industry and commerce, as well as contributing to scientific ends.


FMI’s Arctic Space Centre (FMI-ARC) operates a satellite ground station in Sodankylä (67°22 N, 26°39 E). The station receives on daily basis close to 70 satellite overpasses which data is used both in real-time operations and supporting FMI research activities. FMI-ARC has three satellite data reception systems, server rooms with computation and storage capacity, operations room to monitor satellite activities and over 500 instrument wide in-situ instrument network to support satellite data calibration and validation.

Role in the project

FMI is one of the five operators of ground segment of space systems in the project and will play an important role for the pilot implementation, testing and evaluation of the 7SHIELD platform and user training actions. FMI will lead the tasks concerning the field demonstrations and testing and evaluation of the system.