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ACCELIGENCE Ltd (ACCELI) is a Cyprus-based company, established in 2019 (https://www.accelligence.tech/). ACCELIGENCE Ltd. is engaged in cutting edge R&D activities in order to boost innovation capital, improve products and ensure alignment of the services to the state of the art. In particular, the company, since its establishment, started focalising its R&D activities on robotic systems and subsystems such as UAVs. Currently ACCELIGENCE Ltd. is building its own UAV, which will be able to carry more than 15 of KGs and a number of sensors and it will provide the space for building embedded intelligence thanks to additional GPUs.

 ACCELIGENCE Ltd. experience is based on more than 15 years activities in relevant technological/ technical market. The company is a unique ICT and business consulting firm, a highly skilled and trustful business partner that helps its customers excel in the era of globalization, technology acceleration and climate change. Moreover, it offers (among others) software development and business consulting services linked to IoT, BigData/AI and Cyber-Security technologies, including business modelling, business planning and techno-economic analysis services.

Role in the project

ACCELI will be responsible for deploying tools for data collection from UAVs and processing at the edge. As technical partner, ACCELI will participate also in technical tasks focusing on image and video processing and it will assist to the specification of user requirements and use cases design as well as the pilot implementation, testing and user training activities. As SME it will exploit the network of customers to spread the outcomes of the 7SHIELD project and work on the formulation of the market and exploitation plan of the project.


ACCELI will provide a fully customized UAV, able to accomodate the various hardware components (e.g. height/distance sensors, cameras)) in order to execute smart algorithms (e.g. visual object detection and collision avoidance services, algorithms for swarming), and generally to be easily adapted to the current operation by the user. The computations will be executed on the on-board supercomputer NVIDIA JETSON, which delivers incredible AI performance at a small size, making it ideal for mobile robotics applications.