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Invitation to 7SHIELD Pilot Demonstrations

During autumn 2022 the 7SHIELD project will hold its three final pilot demonstrations.

The pilot demonstrations have the objective to showcase and evaluate the effectiveness of a holistic security framework developed by the 7SHIELD partners, which enables space ground segment operators to confront complex threats by covering all the macro-stages of crisis management, namely pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis phases.

The 7SHIELD pilot demonstrations are public events open to any organization or individual interested in the security and resilience of Critical Infrastructure.

To request more information, register and attend to the events, please contact for each event:

DateEventLocation and Contact
29th September 2022Demonstration at the National Observatory of Athens Hybrid cyber/physical attacks scenariosPenteli, Greece
Souzana Touloumtzi 7SHIELD Project Manager, National Observatory of Athens
E-Mail: stouloumtzi@noa.gr
10th November 2022Demonstration at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Arctic Space Centre Physical attacks scenariosSodankylä, Finland  
Timo Ryyppö
7SHIELD Project Manager, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Email: timo.ryyppo@fmi.fi
13th December 2022Demonstration within the ICE Cubes Services Cyber attacks scenariosBrussels Area, Belgium  
Mathieu Schmitt 7SHIELD Project Manager, SpaceApps
Email: mathieu.schmitt@spaceapplications.com

Demonstration at the National Observatory of Athens in Penteli, Greece

On 29 September 2022, the National Observatory of Athens hosts the first official pilot demonstration of the 7SHIELD project.

The National Observatory of Athens is the oldest research foundation in Greece and has been nominated by the Greek government as the sole institution in charge of natural disasters monitoring. It owns state-of-the-art scientific equipment and space-based monitoring infrastructures and acquisition facilities and it provides near real-time observations and services to operational program frameworks of the European Commission, the European Space Agency and to authorities at National and European level (e.g., Ministries, Civil Protection, municipalities, Regional Services and Environmental Organizations). The protection of the institution’s infrastructure against cyber and physical threats is of critical importance for the seamless provision of operational services to stakeholders on a 24/7/365 basis. The demonstration scenarios of the pilot will be executed as virtual and field exercises at the premises of the National Observatory of Athens in Penteli, Greece, and include simulated cyber-attacks targeting web-servers that disseminate satellite products, intentional radiofrequency interference causing loss of signal received from the ground station, as well as physical attacks such as unauthorized access to restricted areas and data centers.

Website: https://www.7shield.eu/pilots/segment-of-noa/

Demonstration at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Arctic Space Centre in Sodankylä, Finland

On 10th of November Finnish Meteorological Institute hosts the second demonstration of the 7SHIELD project at Arctic Space Centre.

The Arctic Space Centre is Finland’s primary infrastructure for utilization of Earth Observation data for operational services and research of the Arctic environment. The centre operates a satellite ground station in Sodankylä, Finland (67° latitude) focusing on fast delivery of remote sensing products for operational safety critical services and support of scientific research of the Arctic environment and atmosphere. The ground station consists of four satellite antenna systems capable of receiving data in X/L/S bands and transmitting on S band and high-performance computing and data storage infrastructure.

The objectives of 7SHIELD demonstration at Arctic Space Centre are to show and evaluate the effectiveness and usability of different innovative technologies to prevent, detect and respond to threats targeted against satellite ground stations operating in Arctic conditions. The demonstration will focus on physical threats and is divided into several scenarios varying from unintended trespassing to calculated aerial attack. All the physical devices are connected to 7SHIELD system that will provide real-time situational picture to satellite ground station operator. In addition, with system embedded activity recognition software and event correlation modules, the decision making is made easier and faster for the satellite operator and ground station security personnel. The event and demonstration scenarios will be introduced indoors but the main activities and the demonstrations will take place outdoors at Arctic Space Centre’s satellite ground station area. During the event, several state-of-the-art techniques and devices will be demonstrated to detect, response and mitigate ground-borne and air-borne threats targeted to critical infrastructure.

Website: https://www.7shield.eu/pilots/arctic-space-centre/

Demonstration within the ICE Cubes Services in Brussels Area, Belgium

The 13th of December 2022, Space Applications Services  hosts the third and last demonstration of the 7SHIELD project.

The demonstration has the objective to evaluate the effectiveness of the innovative technologies and the robustness of the 7SHIELD platform and its modules as applied to the ICE Cubes service. The demonstration will focus on cyber security scenarios. The 7SHIELD demonstration will cover all the phases of the cyber security, including the prevention phase, the detection of attacks, their responses and mitigations. The demonstration scenario will involve the latest ICE Cubes asset, the AI-BOX, an experiment cube deployed in the ISS to provide GPU and Machine Learning capabilities at the edge, onboard the ISS. This is a multi-tenant environment accessible by multiple end-users. The 7SHIELD project will be demonstrate its secured execution environment at the edge, securing an AI-BOX engineering model, and will demonstrate the overall improvements in the cyber security posture that can be brought to the ICE Cubes service, both at the edge in the ISS and for the core components of the ICE Cubes ground segment.

Website: https://www.7shield.eu/pilots/ice-cubes-service/

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